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Bench backs can be engraved.

  • With the name of a loved one as a memorial
  • To acknowledge a sponsor
  • With your organization’s name
The engraving is deeply cut into the material for easy visibility and long life. There is no paint or vinyl lettering to wear or peel off.

Strong and weatherproof, our benches are just the right product for your outdoor seating needs. Made from the same recycled plastic as our gun racks, these park benches are much stronger than wooden benches and never need maintenance.

  • Weatherproof – will never rot or decompose
  • Built to Last – built with quality components
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Cost Effective – Over the years, you will save money in maintenance and replacement costs
  • Handsome – We can engrave your club, city or organization name into the top slat

Perfect for:

  • City parks
  • In front of your church
  • On main street
  • On the golf course
  • At the retirement center

Four colors to choose from: Cedar, Forest Green, Grey & Tan.